Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford started his internet business in the affiliate marketing area. He did this soon after getting out of the Air Force.The affiliate internet marketing business was not providing the sales that he hoped for and he decided to pursue better quality websites and providing free content rather than the banner ad websites that I feel look cheesy.

A free 20 chapter course is offered on the Willie Crawford website named after Willie at williecrawford.com. It has some good information but again as many others, not necessarily stuff that punches through the internet mystery and how to really build a hard hitting sales happening website.

A successful internet marketer he is. Willie Crawford also promotes a "soul food recipes cookbook" which looks to have success as well at a site called chitterlings.com.

His latest project, which is receiving a lot of "net play"  in the online marketing industry, is to make a million dollars in ninety days!  Mr. crawford is a firm believer in the power of the mind and the concept that what you think and believe, you create and attract. Willie Crawford believes that  “Thoughts create things”. This is his philosophy and he is determined to prove this with his million dollar goal.

Everything he does online will be published for his Inner Circle members to use as a guide and evidence of his achievement.  He also has an ebook called "Really Fast Money- How to make $1000 - $2000 in 24 hours or less!"

You can see more of Willie at the warrior forum. Willie Crawford products on internet marketing are solid and we like his ideas.

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