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This section is for YOU! I get e-mails and phone calls daily asking me about an opportunity or telling me how you got scammed! I will post your comments here, with your approval, to let others know your experiences. If you had a good experience please offer that as well! Together we can bring honesty and integrity to business opportunities and let the programs that are truly winners stand out here!




From one of my top leaders/recruiter and good friend, Anuj Atri:

JULY 2011: ---- I joined Stan's Team about an year back. Being quite new to internet marketing I did not know what to expect. But I was extremely impressed with his professional demeanor, honesty and to-the-point internet marketing strategies.The expertise and guidance he provided has taken my GDI sales to the whole next level. He is detail oriented, patient and very quick to respond to any questions or ideas I have. It is obvious that he truly enjoys what he is doing as seen by the way he has dominated the GDI leaderboards for so long...Amazing ! Working with him has been quite an enjoyable experience from day one. I look forward to continue working with him and making the business grow. Thank you Stan !

Thank YOU Anuj! Anuj is currently building a residual income his immediate family using the GDI Product and MHBB team marketing system.




I  recently purchased the entire program from John Becks Free and Clear Real Estate System,   In the info I received,  I was given a number to call to get started.  I called the number and was told that they wanted $6500.00 for training fees.  The infomercial says that the program we purchased was everything we needed to get started.  If this is the case then why do they want $6500.00 to get started.  I did not give them any money and if you can let other people know, it would be greatly appreciated.  I feel like I have been taken for the initial investment I made by purchasing the program.

Thank you,
Wanda Scifres
Dec 2006:
Hi Stan,  Just wanted to thank you for posting the review about  I do believe in certain alternative health remedies, but
I didn't want to try to push these on my family and friends. I was afraid
that they would almost disown me.  I haven't decided yet if I should try to
pursue that business venture. I really like your site.  I read
different things on it several times a week.  I value your opinion, as you seem
to have a lot of experience with past business ventures. I think that in
any business, it is experience with successes and failures that puts you
ahead of other people.  I am grateful that you are sharing all of this on
your site, and it must make you feel good to help other people.....
I did purchase the marketing executive package from, but I haven't marketed
it. I can tell you that with my executive membership I purchased a month's supply of the goji juice.  I have been drinking it for about 5 weeks and I notice I have more energy.  I
also had my blood pressure checked 1 1/2 weeks ago and it has come down
some.  So I have experienced these positive changes by drinking the juice.  I
will also tell you that what really impressed me about this company, was how
many charities they give to.  Each month they give to a different one.  The
project is called "Goji Kids".  Anyone who helps disadvantaged children
rates high on my list.  I think that I need to give this endeavor a
serious look and put some effort into it and then I can be more critical.

Susan T.
Jan 2007:
I just can't afford to keep losing anymore money in scam programs.
I have lost money in 13 Daily Pro, 12 Daily Pro, 12by12dailyPro, 6k-finance, and now the latest scam HYIP was Smart Investors Club.
I am though involved with Troy Bank and so far so good with them paying and all.
Name withheld upon request.
Received April 2007 regarding the PAS system:
Name witheld upon request.
 May 11, 2007:   
By all means, pleases feel free to publish my comments with my name.  As I stated in my comments; the focus of my business is to help the small business owners or those trying to start a business (and make some money).  Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience, the links and the e-book. 
Like most business minded professionals, those stuck in a dead-end job looking for a foot-hole out or anyone trying to regain some sort of control over their financial situation I have invested unrecoverable time and money into a lot of these so called millionaire-over-night programs.  Most recently I started building a website much like your own (didn't know your site existed until today. its awesome, great information) but geared towards connecting small businesses (1-500 employees, in business 10yrs or less) to untapped customer base, potential partnerships or outsourcing.  WSI comes into the picture because as you mentioned they boast about their "patent pending Life cycle T/M System" and their thousands of website models and source code sharing which reduces production time. With my CIS background I know how much time can be saved by simply changing a few lines of code verses creating an entire application module.  I figured WSI could assist me and my potential clients and I could earn some extra cash promoting their product.  What isn't disclosed:  I just finished the second of six interviews via phone (I live in Japan and the caller is in Toronto) and was floored after 15 minutes when the interviewer mentioned the 49,000.00 euro buy in cost for a franchisee.  As you can see from this email I don't have a problem putting words together however, after that bomb was dropped I was barley able to deliver one word responses.  WSI requires a very lengthy interview process (six interviews) and a 4-6 week off-site training than a 7 day on-site train course in Toronto.  As much as I would like to get my business up and running this year I can not see investing close to 60k USD when I'm trying to make ends meet.  WSI dose promote a good product and has an impressive track record, but I'd have to fall back on the old adage of buyer beware. There is a lot more WSI Iceberg under the surface.  
Jokim Davis
Sept 20, 2007:
Hi, Stan!
 Steve Boutelle here.
 I'm sending a testimonial and a brief
 brief personal message to you.
 The testimonial begins here:
Thanks so VERY much for your review of Nouveau
 Tech Society--no doubt you've probably saved
 several people $140 they could ill afford to lose.
 I got a letter back in August and got the free 56-page
 booklet, which was alot like the ones I got several
 years ago from NeoTech--surprise, it's the same people!
 I've just received my third letter telling me that even though
 I've missed the previous two deadlines, I am a very special
 person who has the "innate creative potential to bring more
 eternal secrets into our society... We are walking you into
 the Secret Society, The Illuminati, step-by-step to best
 prepare you for a lifelong association..."
 Sound familiar? (Probably the same letter sent to you and
 your mother.)
 Please add this to your testimonials section as this "opportunity"
 is still being promoted.
 I found your review after doing an online search for "Secret Society
 Grove City Ohio".
 Once again, Thank You!
  October 8, 2007:
Yes,I give my permission to use my posting on your testimonial page. 
                                                     David G.
  Here's what David G. experienced:
 I answered an advertisment in The Flint Journal for someone to deliver watches and other jewerly for this company called "Watches4Wholesale".It is owned by Jay Vincent.I let them cahrge me the $69.00 fee for a background check and they said that everyone who applied would receive a watch.The day I applied the ad was gone and I didn't ever receive my free watch.I would be leery of this company as well.They also have some orther business opportunities that I myself would be very leery of also.You might want to check them out and report about what you found out about them.

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