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Shawn Casey

Shawn Casey

Shawn Casey is a successful self -made millionaire. That alone suggests he might know something about what he is talking about. He is a Group Leader at SFI and offers to his readers a method to succeed on the internet in a Home Business.

"Mining Gold On The Internet" is a book by Shawn Casey and has been a best seller for SFI. Shawn Casey covers the concept of "Joint Ventures" in depth and that seems to be his personal area of expertise if you will.

I agree that joint ventures can be very lucrative, but starting out in any business you might be low on cash, and not be able to think of that aspect for some time. It can be tough enough just being in business with your self! However, his methods and teachings do cover this topic well and in a way that it can quickly become part of your business plan.

He also offers a written guarantee of a $1000 cash profit in the next 5-15 days or his book mentioned is free. I have not yet tested this, however Shawn Casey's offering is good and worth a closer look given his success!

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