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This not recommended list is from our personal experiences, from friends we have met online, and some are just out right scams. We advise everyone in our top rated program that if you don't understand TRAFFIC or know how to generate traffic in a large amount, you may see every program you join as a scam. Traffic flows much slower and grows much slower than we all are led to believe. Some traffic can show immediate same day results, but may not be in a large flow of customers to your website. Be sure to find someone online that you trust, and that will work with you to teach you some traffic ideas and then how to make your very 1st sale online. Online internet marketing does work, if you know how to drive targeted traffic to your capture page. Not recommended will be updated often so stop by to see what new info we may have to offer you so you do not get scammed.

Not Recommended


Vending Business    Pyramid Schemes
Nigerian Scams    Ponzi Schemes
Assemble Product at Home    Paid to Surf
Rebate Processor Scam    Gifting Exposed
Cash Programs    Multi Level Marketing Scams
Internet Scams?    Email Chain Letters
Lotto Systems    Gambling Systems
Better Business Bureau   Run Your Car On Water Scam
Russian Bride Scams   The Prosperity Automated System
The Insiders Money Club   Rental Scam
Home Business Scams   Jury Duty Scam

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