Mike Glaspie

Mike Glaspie has been in business since 1997. Mike Glaspie claims on his website that every single one of his websites are within the top 1% of all sites visited online. He also says that several of his sites are in the top 1/10 th of 1% of all sites visited online. That is pretty good stats for Mike Glaspie.

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A partial list of some of his sites include: BannersGoMLM.com, BannerCo-op.com, FreeMarketingInfo.biz, CDfree.tv, IconAlert.com, NoBSzone.com, MikeGTeleCoach.com, and others.

Mike Glaspie is well known internet name and Chairman and Founder of one of the largest internet service companies. He has a newsletter titled How To Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime which offers good direct marketing information.

Four books, audio cassettes, courses, videos and other instructional materials are included in the Mike Glaspie online list of products he created.

In addition he offers you the chance to work with him and learn from him. Mike Glaspie has also bee involved in off line business work such as President of the Michigan Rental Housing Association, where he worked on laws pertaining to renting houses and related practices.

Mike Glaspie no doubt has a long list of accomplishments and his teaching material has helped many in theor quest for internet success. For those of you that may be new and just getting ther feet wet,a good guide to internet sales can be realized by reading below. Intermediates and advanced may also learn a few tricks from Mike Glaspie.

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Are active AWeber subscription forms too much to ask for on Squidoo lenses?
Today, I wrote an open letter to Tom Kulzer, CEO and Founder of AWeber, and Seth Godin, Founder of Squidoo, to see if these successful entrepreneurs and masterful marketers can find a way to merge their technical wizardry and create a module so we can add active subscription forms to our lenses. Is that too much to ask? You can read more about it here: Can AWeber and Squidoo Work Together? I welcome your feedback on that blog entry or on the Squidoo lens I created. Act on your dream! JD

4th Annual WNC Pottery Festival - Dillsboro, NC 28725 - November 1, 2008
DILLSBORO, NC 28725 - The Western North Carolina Pottery Festival hosts its fourth edition in downtown Dillsboro Saturday, November 1, with three dozen master potters demonstrating on the streets of this walkabout mountain village. Festival hours are 10 am to 4 pm, rain or shine, November 1, 2008. Admission is $2 per person and includes a ticket for a day-long raffle. Children under 12 are admitted free. The juried festival spotlights the work of clay artists across the Eastern U.S., including featured potter John Fulwood of New Jersey. Throughout the day, potters share their knowledge through hands-on demonstrations that include raku firing, throwing, wood-firing and horsehair firing. An annual highlight is the opening of the wood-fired coffin kiln at Tree House Pottery. Organizers are enthused by the appearance of Fulwood, a renowned clay artist from New Jersey's Kissimmee River Pottery. Fulwood is known for his cone-10 reduction firing technique. "I depend upon the caress of the flames to influence the color of each piece," says Fulwood. "These color variations add life to the pots and help make each a one-of-a-kind piece." In addition to Fulwood, potters will descend upon Dillsboro from the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio and Illinois. Local potters include Brandt Barnes of Riverwood Pottery, who has been featured on HGTV, and Travis Berning of Tree House Pottery, who has developed a special technique for implanting leaf designs in clay. Joe Frank McKee, also of Tree House Pottery, will demonstrate all day with alcohol reduction raku firing. The WNC Pottery Festival has become one of the more popular crafts events in the mountains, with large crowds in each of its first three years. "There's getting to be quite an interest in the festival," says McKee. "Everybody's talking about it, and we have 11 new potters this year to ensure the event stays fresh. We also have more decorative work coming in. People will be impressed by the attention to detail." For festival info, call (828) 631-5100 or visit: www.wncpotteryfestival.com. For lodging info, call the Jackson County Visitors Center at (800) 962-1911.

Click Here To Order and Video On Demand on 21st Century Affiliate Marketing blog
I posted a couple of new articles on my 21st Century Affiliate Marketing blog today: Amazon Introduces Video On Demand Amazon affiliates can earn up to 10% by recommending Amazon.com's new Video On Demand service. Purchase or rent movies or TV shows and watch them via streaming video. Requires a broadband Internet connection. An alternative is NetFlix. Select from many thousands of videos, movies, and TV shows and watch them on DVD. Offers a fixed monthly price, free trial, and does not require a high-speed broadband Internet connection. See the article for more information. Easy URL: tinyurl.com/video-on-demand Click Here to Order - Stories of the World’s Most Successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs by Joel Comm Joel Comm has written a very good book about the Internet marketing pioneers who blazed the trails some of us are following now. Read inspiring stories of people who succeeded beyond their dreams. This is not a how-to book on creating and selling infoproducts on the Internet. An alternative how-to book is Monique Harris and Ken Evoy's Make Your Knowledge Sell!. This ebook sold for years for just under $50 and is now available as a free download. Want to learn more about affiliate marketing? Download and study a free copy of Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters Course. This is one of the very best affiliate marketing tutorials available, and, of course, it's free to download. Easy URL: tinyurl.com/click-here-to-order Your relevant comments, questions, and ideas are welcome. Please feel free to comment on either item on my 21st Century Affiliate Marketing blog. Easy URL: tinyurl.com/affiliate-marketing-blog Act on your dream! JD

Site Build It! Holiday Special - Buy One Get One Free
I've made no secret that I'm a huge fan of Ken Evoy, Sitesell, their whole team, and their flagship product, Site Build It!. I first discovered Ken Evoy when I bought a copy of his best-selling ebook, Make Your Site Sell!. Studying that ebook and putting what I learned into action was what made it possible for me to work at home and continue to build an international marketing business while living in a cabin in the mountains of western North Carolina. I was happy to pay for the first edition of the book and for the second edition, too. Now, it's available as a free download, and, while some of the information in it is a bit dated, the main information is as timely as ever. I recommend both Site Build It! and Make Your Site Sell! to you. From now until midnight on December 25, 2008, you can buy one annual subscription to SBI and get a second one free. This is the best deal of the year. At other holidays and special occasions, Sitesell offers Site Build It! special offers where you can buy one subscription at $299 and get a second one for $100. But the current special is a true buy-one, get-one-free special. You can get both subscriptions for yourself, buy one for yourself and give one as a gift, or give both as a gift to someone you care about. Why give someone a gift that will be quickly forgotten, when you can offer them a chance to learn one of the most important skills of the 21st Century? Site Build It! isn't for everyone. It isn't a magic bean that builds a profitable website all by itself. Nothing can do that, no matter what you've been told or may have read. This is definitely not a "get rich quick" scheme. However, if you have the motivation and are willing to commit to working on your site for a year or two, Site Build It! provides the tools, training, and methodology to help you succeed in building a profitable online business. I know that for a fact. Plus, they guarantee your success or you can ask for a prompt refund. If you cancel in the first 30 days, you'll get your entire purchase price back. After that, at any time in the year-long subscription, you can cancel and receive a prorata refund based on how long you have been a a subscriber. Full details of this guarantee are available on Sitesell's order page. This special offer expires at midnight on December 25, 2008. However, based on past experiences, it may be extended until a few days after the new year starts, but we'll have to wait and see if that happens. If you're interested in studying the SBI system and learning how to build your online business, now's the best time of year to purchase. Take advantage of the annual Site Build It! buy-one, get-one-free holiday special, before it expires. Act on your dream! JD