Michael Kimble

Michael Kimble started out in the insurance industry and was very successful. He, as many of us did, started attending various industry provided marketing seminars when he decided he was becoming tired of the long hours and repetative aspects of keeping a successful insurance business going.

He soon bought the rights to the catalog of Dan Kennedy's information products, with titles such as "Magnetic Marketing",which has exceeded 20 million dollars in sales and is one of the most popular marketing courses ever provided to businesses.

Michael is author of the following: "Instant On-Line Business Building Toolkit", "The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies Ever Written For Small Business Owners", and "77 Little-Known Offline Marketing Techniques & Services For Promoting Any product, Service, Business, or Website".

Michael Kimble has set up a affiliate /reseller program that his students can instantly set up an information businesses that are nearly identical to his own business doings.

If you are looking for expert information on information publishing, internet based business, and direct marketing, Michael Kimble has very good resources.

One drawback to Michale Kimble's information is much of his marketing courses and information is more geared to off line efforts. Online internet marketing is what you are probably really looking for. You can be very pleasantly surprised at the information that follows just below.

If you are looking to earn cash now, you need a system and traffic. You can learn this from many online sources including Michael Kimble or many other resources.

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