Galaxy Mall

Galaxy Mall offers seminars where internet marketing is discussed. Those that attend are shown website possibilities, and are given the chance to purchase and operate any of various websites offered.You are wondering if it is Galaxy Mall rip off, right?

A problem with this offering is like many of us new to internet sales, we don' know what to do once we get that website on line. The excitement soon wains as we wonder where all of our customers are! Like storesonline sites, they work only if you can get traffci to them; then they may convert poorly.

Galaxy Mall offers some marketing info, but I don't see it as what is needed to start your site and getting traffic to make sales. Most of the systems offered at these Galaxy Mall seminars end up costing more that what is really necessary to get a website up and running.

You can get a website started nowadays very low cost, and have it hosted for $6 a month.Continue reading for a system that can get you started with a website and hosting, with step by step instructions and a minimal cost approach to setting up your site.

Galaxy Mall may or may not suit your needs.

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