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Blog Beast Empower Network Reviews or Scam?

Blog Beast is a very new online program which evolved from the Empower Network which took the internet by storm making many people very rich.

However, many that joined never made a sale, or for sure didn't make enough to quit their day J-O-B, or get close to "rich".

GOOD NEWS is we know why most made very little income, with Empower Network, or now Blog Beast, and we will show you the solution right here below.

First a brief training on why some (the so called guru's) made a lot of money and why YOU maybe didn't, then BELOW see our STEP BY STEP simple sales funnel that WILL bring Blog Beast sales to you very nicely.

If you are anxious to get started, then SKIP this mini training and go to the STEP 1,2,3 ... below.

Training:OK, most of the BIG earners in Empower Network had a few things going for them, and you will too if you follow my system:

1. They had BIG lists to email their ads to. These list are people who follow them for maybe many years. We tend to BUY from who we trust and follow so that's why many made tens of thousands FAST.

2. Many had a lot of traffic and a system that brought in many sales. BUT, once the initial sales all came, mostly with followers, or followers of followers, the rest, maybe YOU reading this, could not make a sale.

3. BACK END SALES: Any way you look at it, Empower Network is best sold as a "back end sale". This even applies to those with the big lists. You get on a big list and become a follower, by either getting something from the list owner for freem or buying some usually smaller cost product, that you feel offered you some value.

OK....that's it for training, let's get to the good stuff and REMEMBER the training ideas:

STEP ONE: Join our FRONT END low cost program. You will soon BACK SELL EMPOWER NETWORK/BLOG BEAST: You can either opt in here to get oue followups then join once inside: Recruit Like Stan.

Step TWO: Join our marketing system that is mentioned in our followup emails.

STEP THREE: Join Blog Beast/Empower Network here: Blog Beast. You can actually join this FROM MY MARKETING system, which is the way many will join on YOUR BACK END sales.

That's it....if you do the above you will create your own sales funnel that will back sell Blog Beast. ALL of my Empower Network sales came exactly this way.

What's really cool is, the sales stayed (NO DROP OUTS) because...drum roll.....they became my follower. Trust was established.

None of this "you need to go all in" (meaning join at highest levels) to get the secrets. We want YOU as a basic member so you can grow your list and team. Then when you are ready you can decide if you need other levels.

Blog Beast Empower Network Reviews can make some nice residual income for you!

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